Sunday, 24 October 2010

The History of Headband

Headbands have taken many shapes and forms over the ages. From the laurel wreaths of Ancient Greece to the feathered headbands of the Roaring Twenties to the sporty sweatbands that became an athletic staple in the 70s (and persist to this day, cough LeBron James cough), the headband has endured for over two centuries, and it’s shape and function have evolved right along with us.

Source : Pinterest

Namaste wide headband really inspired me. 

Source : Pinterest

What a cute headband with this gypsy dress.

Source : Pinterest

This bohemian girls rock the headband very well with her accessories & round glasses.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hello, yes hello. This is the first hello from me to all of you !

Well... I dare my self to created ths blog because I was.... BORED of my life. Actually I have no idea about this. I mean, this blog could be sufficient to see but I didn't know what to post. I'm thinking about fashion because I really interesting on fashion. Fashion was DOPE ! I'm really mean it. This blog probably share some tips about fashion or maybe something else like food recipes because I like to cook. But I'm not an expert one. So, I think fashion is OKAY for now. Just okey, that's it. I'm not going to venture this blog to specify. Let see what happens after this.But first let me introduce my self. I'm Cassandra dini prasasti, you can call me Sandra. Actually I like when people called me "Casey" like my English teacher in Primagama called me. But he is the only person who called me like that & no one called me that but him. It's okay, well I really like ice cream. I don't know, just addicted to it. No question please. I don't like when people interrupt me with a lot of question about my life. I think those people are fake by talking these "Oh, what a beautiful life you have" or like when I was in high school & I got so many trophy because I win a lot of competition they were like "What a lucky girl, I really want to be like you" then they said un-nice thing behind me. Never mind. I'm moving on now & I was glad that I'm moving now here in Bandung. Facing new people, new classmates. I think they are all nice & funny. But there is some guy try to flirt me & asking for a dates. What a guys. I never deal with guys. I had a love letter since I was very young girl & nothing to do with "LOVE" word. First time I got my love letter I gave it to my mamah & she just laughed & tease me. I hate boys. I never be in peace surround them, everytime I tried to be their friends I got fooled by them. They said I was a good friend then they asking me to be his girl friend. What the....But I have a good friends, really good friends in my high school. 

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